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Autolamp CZ, Ltd.

is the distributor of NARVA (a division of Philips), PHILIPS and OSRAM brand bulbs in the Czech Republic. The quality of the PHILIPS, OSRAM and the NARVA products is one of the best in Europe.

Furthermore, we are the sole distributor of our own line of auto bulbs, LED bulbs, fuses, plastic straps and voltage converters which come under the AUTOLAMP line of brand-name products.

We also supply NORMA and AUTOLAMP hose clamps, ERICH JAEGER automotive plug and socket electrical components, MTA connectors, automatic headlight switches, insulating tapes, reflective roadside emergency triangles, battery testers, DLR lights and other automotive accessories.

AUTOLAMP CZ Ltd. supplies automotive components to over 1 000 business partners in the Czech Republic and to others countries in Europe.

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Autolamp CZ s.r.o., Lhota pod Libčany 155, Czech Republic